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Account Executives

Robert J. Kane 847-485-2203
Arnie Sumanis 847-485-2213
Jeff Petro 847-485-2202

Property & Casualty Account Managers

Norma Dodge, Senior Account Mgr. 847-485-2219
Debbie Keller-Niven, Account Mgr 847-485-2209
John O'Brien,Personal Lines & Account Mgr 847-485-2212
Paula Perales, Claims Specialist 847-485-2208

Employee Benefits

Amy Hartigan, Benefits Manager 847-485-2227
Paula Marsh Benefits Account Manager 847-485-2223

International Market Research & Customer Service

Mamiko Iwaki 847-485-2225


Sandy Cieslinski 847-485-2217

Agency Principals

Melvin E. Rodney, CEO 847-485-2229
John K. Rodney, President 847-485-2226

* The last three number of each employee's direct dial is their extension.