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About IIA

Thanks for checking our website. We will keep the hype to a minimum and try to get at things which may have a meaning to you.

Industrial Insurance was founded in 1960 by Mel Rodney, Sr. as a commercial insurance brokerage firm. He originally spent over 20 years in three national offices of Liberty Mutual. Through a commitment to honesty and professionalism IIA has become a successful privately held insurance brokerage recognized nationally. We try to develop lasting relationships based on earned trust.....solving clients problems with thorough close involvement and oversight.

There's some BIG QUESTIONS out there for all of us in the new complex Global economy. You may be---or should be asking some of the following questions:

  1. What Compliance Issues are we faced with? OSHA/ ERISA/ EEOC/ Fam.Leave/ Financial Reporting . . .
  2. What legal and coverage issues affect our marketing in new territories?
  3. How can we start to control Benefit program costs/increases? Options? Mandates?
  4. How do we get a handle on our Work Comp Costs?
    • Is our Experience Modifier accurate?
    • Is this hurting our competitive bidding status? Many firms will not allow a factor over 1.05
    • Are our classifications accurate?
  5. How can we have more say in settling Work Comp claims? Why is that real old file still showing as "open" ?
  6. Policy audits for Payroll and Sales are a problem....where s the help to resolve them?
  7. What can we do to get better help with our Safety Program and possible OSHA problems
  8. Property value determinations are confusing.....heard about some claims penalties we need to avoid.
  9. Need some help on a driver program because we may face some fraudulent cargo claims
  10. Should we get Policy Audits by a third party?

We all know there's more......but, this is to let you know that we'd like to be part of the solution(s) with any of them.