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Value Added Services

In today's ever-changing business climate, it is all the more important for any organization to recognize the needs of its clients and to respond to those needs in a professional manner. IIA has responded. IIA assembles a service team to every commercial account. Each team member contributes to a specific aspect, hands on claims adjudication, and effective loss control or billing. Each team member is accountable for his or her contribution to the service team effort. The various aspects of value-added services include:

Claims adjudication

  1. Prompt reporting practices insuring early and active insurance carrier involvement
  2. Proactive approach to claim settlements and resolution
  3. Periodic highly detailed claim updates
  4. Projecting experience modification factors
  5. Generating monthly or quarterly loss runs
  6. Projections referencing premium adjustments (Dividends, retro-plans, deductibles, etc.)
  7. Preparing visual illustrations

Loss Control

  1. Conduct physical inspection of subject locations
  2. Prepare inspection reports in conjunction with the proposed recommendations
  3. Assist in property reevaluations through ISO (Fire protection ratings, sprinkler credits, etc.)
  4. Analyze loss frequency, severity, sources & causes
  5. Analyze inherent exposures regarding product liability
  6. Explore partial self-funding through cross shifting of premium versus risk management

Risk Management

  1. Developing effective formal safety programs
  2. Develop additional items in relation to the formal program such as tool-box talks, payroll stuffers, various forms and record keeping correspondence
  3. Respond to the various reports regarding losses and promptly react to avoid reoccurrences via appropriate prevention techniques
  4. Develop and implement safety programs
  5. Conduct safety meetings and coordinate training sessions
  6. Conduct "Surprise" safety inspections and generate reports reflecting said results


  1. The Newsletter addresses various issues regarding human resources, general OSHA legislation, general market conditions, unique claim precedent items, coverage issues, etc.

On Line Capability

  1. On line claims reporting, insuring a prompt response and proactive claim involvement
  2. On line coverage modifications such as vehicle additions/deletions, equipment additions/deletions, reviewing and updating policy limits, payroll, receipts and coverage